Soft Gels Vs Hard Gels and Powders – What’s the Difference?

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Recently a few prominent dietary supplement companies have decided to go public. These companies are planning to file for an IPO, or an initial public offering. If these IPO’s go well, this could be a gold mine for all of us. After all, if these supplement companies can label and package their supplements properly so that they don’t fall into the FDA jurisdiction, they might be able to skip this entire process and go straight to market making all of our health much safer.

But wait! Aren’t dietary supplements subject to all of the same regulations as drugs? The FDA does regulate supplement companies dietary supplements, just as it does all pharmaceuticals, but it is much weaker in its regulation of dietary supplements. It must first get the FDA’s OK to move forward with regulating the ingredients in dietary supplements before they can file for an IPO and therefore create a cash injection for themselves. However, the FDA has not always had a very good hand in this department.

Most dietary supplement companies depend on third party manufacturers to put their proprietary ingredients into their products. For this reason, a supplement company cannot label their ingredients as “all natural” or “organic” without having to get a permit from the government in order to do this. Unfortunately, all too often these third party manufacturers to pass off some of their ingredients as “whole” and “life sustaining” and do not provide adequate disclosure to the public as to what these ingredients actually are or what they do. As a result, many people end up buying these supposedly life-preserving products believing them to be healthy, only to find that they are filled with chemical contaminants and other harmful chemicals that can be very dangerous.

The main problem with the FDA’s approval process for dietary supplement labels is that they rely upon word of mouth marketing and unfortunately this works, because people love to buy what they see. The supplement manufacturers will use all kinds of fancy marketing words to describe their supplements, such as “new and improved”, and this lulls consumers into believing that the supplement is healthy. Sadly, when the consumer takes a pill, it’s not new and improved at all, but rather exactly the opposite. This is because the nutritional content was compromised in some way by the aforementioned third party manufacturer. The only way to ensure that the dietary supplement label provides you with accurate and useful information is to always purchase your pills from a company that has an FDA license.

When choosing a dietary supplement manufacturer, choose one that has a solid track record of producing effective supplements using superior quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Also make sure that they utilize state of the art manufacturing facilities to ensure that their supplements are made with the highest levels of potency and purity possible. Ideally, you should choose a supplement manufacturing company that contracts with a separate external lab to manufacture their supplements. This will help to ensure that you are getting a true quality product every time. Ideally, you should also choose a supplement manufacturing company that contracts with a quality raw materials supplier that can easily assure that your supplement products are free of contaminants and live up to the quality standards that have been discussed above.

Supplements that are manufactured in this fashion tend to contain higher concentrations of nutrients and can help to improve your health more thoroughly than simply taking multivitamins alone. In addition, supplements that are manufactured in this fashion are far easier to absorb through the digestive system when compared to other forms of oral supplementation. So in summary, while soft gels, hard gels and powders may seem like a good idea when you first decide to supplement, if you want to experience true health benefits, try to go with a supplement that contains a pharmaceutical grade quality vitamin compound, high purity protein concentrate, and a high level of vitamins. This will provide you with a very effective form of daily nutrition that will last you far longer than just a couple hours.

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